Recovery Time For Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is used to treat a build-up of fatty deposits under the chin and around the neck area.

With age, it is normal for the skin in this area to sag, and for fat to build up and form a “double chin.” For many people, spot-reducing this weight loss is important but incredibly difficult, and this is where liposuction can be of help. By eliminating excess fat, the chin and neck can look more refined and rejuvenated, resulting in a more youthful appearance overall. The procedure takes place the same way as other liposuction treatments; a local anaesthetic is injected, small incisions are made, and a small thing cannula is inserted to suction out the excess fat. The procedure is quick, taking between 30 minutes to an hour, and is considered an outpatient surgery. This means patients can leave shortly after the procedure has been completed and resume normal activities. Chin liposuction can result in some bruising, but this will vary from individual to individual. Some tenderness in the weeks immediately following the procedure is normal, but once these have passed, the scarring is minimal and the patient can enjoy a more refined, younger looking neck and chin area.

Generally considered to be one of the safest liposuction procedures, chin liposuction has a high success rate and low risk of complications.

The Procedure

chin liposuction, or neck rejuvenation, can make you look younger

It is common for the skin around the chin and neck to sag with age, but it is possible to restore a youthful silhouette and slim down the area with cosmetic treatments.

Known as neck rejuvenation, the procedure often combines liposuction with skin tightening treatments such as Thermage to create a younger looking appearance. Chin liposuction takes place under a local anaesthesia, and some surgeons may administer a sedative such as Valium to keep you still throughout the procedure. Small incisions are made, through which a small catheter is inserted in order to suction out the fat. This outpatient procedure takes between 30 minutes to an hour, and once you have been fitted with an elastic bandage to protect the closed incisions, you will be able to leave the same day. You may have to continue to wear the elastic garment as excess fluid drains in the weeks following the surgery. If you want to return to work and feel uncomfortable with the incisions or any bruising that has developed, you may wish to hide this with turtlenecks or concealer. You may experience minimal discomfort following the surgery, but should not feel any pain during or afterwards.

A couple of months after the liposuction, you may go back in for further skin tightening treatment to enhance the look of your weight loss and improve definition. Taking care of your skin and moisturising regularly will help prolong the effects and keep skin around the chin and neck looking youthful.

Taking Time Out

As with all forms of cosmetic surgery, recovery time for chin liposuction will vary from person to person. Recovery time for chin liposuction depends on a variety of factors including general health of the patient, how much work is needed during the liposuction procedure and the skill of the surgeon who carries out the liposuction. The most important thing to remember about recovery time after any type of invasive surgery is that recovery is a personal thing and only complete when the individual feels back to normal and ready to continue with normal life.

Immediate Effects

Generally liposuction on the chin and face is carried out by means of micro-lips or smart liposuction which uses smaller instruments and is less invasive than traditional liposuction which is carried out on other parts of the body. Recovery time for chin liposuction, in most people is generally only a few days. Some patients of chin liposuction report that they are able to return to work the day after surgery. Most patients can leave the clinic the same day after a few hours of rest and can resume most normal activities the next day. During recovery of any type of surgery it is important to drink plenty of fluids and to get enough rest.

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Further Recovery

During the first week after a procedure like chin liposuction the patient is likely to suffer swelling in the immediate area for a minimum of one week. Some patients might notice swelling subsiding sooner and in other it may last up to three weeks. Other side effects from having facial liposuction is quite severe bruising, as the skin on the face is relatively sensitive it is very susceptible to harsh bruising, keep this in mind when thinking about your recovery time for chin liposuction, you might not feel comfortable returning to work until bruising has subsided.

End Results

Going ahead with chin liposuction can leave patients with a finish that could not be achieved through other means of cosmetic surgery or through none invasive treatments. The chin is widely considered to be a problem area when it comes to losing weight and is impossible to tone as muscles in this part of the body can not be exercised. Patients who undergo chin liposuction are generally left with a more angular chin which is free from extra skin or 'fat pockets'. Chin liposuction is a recommended procedure for treating a double chin.

Alternatives To Chin Liposuction

It may be that you are not a suitable candidate for liposuction, or perhaps you are unwilling to go through a surgical procedure to meet your weight loss goals.

If this is the case, there are some alternatives that you can try. First of all, medical professionals recommend that you make adjustments to your lifestyle in the way of healthy eating and exercise before turning to liposuction to assist with weight loss. In order to lose weight from your chin area, you should carry out regular exercises for the chin and neck prior to examining cosmetic surgery. For example, you can try gently pulling your chin towards your neck and upwards again to neutral position to strengthen the muscles, while chin rotations can also be of help.

If you are not achieving the desired effects with diet and exercise but still don’t want to consider surgery, you could look at injections that can dissolve the fat cells. However, some of these injections (such as lipodissolve) have not been approved by the FDA, so make sure you do your research and speak to your doctor before agreeing to have anything done.

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