How Much Is Micro Lipo Surgery

What Is Micro Lipo?

The main difference between traditional liposuction and micro liposuction is the size of the instruments which are used during the procedure. When micro lipo is carried out the cannula, the hollow instrument used to remove fat from the body, is much smaller than the cannula used in traditional liposuction. The nature of micro liposuction makes a great choice for liposuction on smaller areas such as around the face, upper arms and ankles.

Thinking About Micro Lipo

When making a decision about whether or not to have cosmetic surgery like liposuction one of the most important aspects to consider is cost. Micro liposuction is a less aggressive form of liposuction but the real question is how much is micro lipo? As a guide line, in the UK, prices for micro lipo start at around £1600 and can be in excess of £4000. The cost of micro lipo, like all forms of cosmetic surgery depends on a number of factors including the area that needs to be treated, the surgeon that will carry out the procedure and the clinic at which the surgery will be carried out.

Micro Liposuction: At a Glance

Smart Liposuction prices in the UK can be found from around £1,600-£4,000+.

Treatable Areas Tummy, thighs, bottom, hips, back, arms, knees, calves, ankles, face and neck
Anaesthetic Local
Discharge Time Discharge same day
Recovery Period 1-2 days
Compression Garment 2-4 weeks

The Real Cost Of Micro Lipo

When you have made the decision to undergo micro lipo and are thinking about the overall costs of the procedure it is important to consider all eventualities of expenditure, including time taken off work for the procedure. Also think about costs that might be incurred if there is a problem with the procedure and whether your usual medical insurance will cover any extra costs. You might have to think about taking extra insurance.

The Procedure

During the procedure for micro lipo, small incisions are made in the area that is to be treated. Usually, the incisions will be less than half an inch long which means less scaring and less chance of infection than traditional liposuction carries. Patients who are undergoing micro lipo are usually treated as out patients and will return home within hours of the procedure being completed. The whole procedure of micro lipo is relatively pain free, can be carried out under a local anaesthetic and requires minimal recovery time. Patients are likely to suffer some swelling and bruising for up to two weeks after having micro lipo.

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micro lipo makes liposuction on smaller areas, like the face, possible

The Advantages Of Micro Lipo

The procedure is ideal for work on smaller areas, particularly those susceptible to ‘stubborn’ deposits of fat, which the patient has previously found hard to shift through diet and exercise. Micro lipo is able to remove up to 3.5 litres of fat. As a less invasive surgery than traditional liposuction, it is performed under a local anaesthetic and, therefore, can be carried out as a day case, meaning there is generally no overnight stay required for patients. Recovery time is, therefore, fast and undergoing the procedure should cause little disruption to your life. Fat is removed with small cannulas, often as fine as 0.9mm in width. Because of this, there is very little scarring, few risks and the pain experienced minimal.

The Disadvantages Of Micro Lipo

The areas treated with micro lipo tend to be areas of high sensitivity, this can mean the incisions and areas treated become damaged, which can increase their visibility. Micro lipo also uses tumescent fluid as anaesthetic, which carries with it a risk of lidocaine poisoning. This occurs when the concentration of lidocaine within the fluid is too high. As there is a lack of standardised guidelines surrounding the use of lidocaine, finding the right balance and correct amount is difficult, but failing to do this can potentially be fatal. Micro lipo should therefore only be carried out by highly experienced medical professionals.

Recovery Time

Patients can enjoy quick recovery times, allowing them to get back to their usual routines within a matter of days. It is recommended that you wear a compression garment for up to three days after the operation and can resume normal activity after 48 hours, returning to work if needed. Within a week, patients are able to return to their usual exercise routine.

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