VASER Liposuction

The Cost Of VASER Liposuction

VASERLipo clinic prices in the UK will vary according to the clinic itself, and the seniority and reputation of the surgeon performing the treatment.

In the UK VASER liposuction prices can start from around £2,600 for one small area and £6,000 for two areas. Exact prices will, however, depend on how much fat needs to be removed and the actual size of the area.

Procedure Price Range (GBP)
VASER Liposuction £2,600-£6,000
Traditional Liposuction £2,770-£6,000
Laser Liposuction £2,770-£6,000
SmartLipo £1,999-£6,000
CoolSculpting £2,770-£6,000
MicroLipo £2,300 for one area

The location of the clinic within the UK will also play a big part with clinics in London and the south east of England most likely carrying the highest prices for VASERLipo. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to make sure that the clinics and surgeons that are being considered are suitably qualified. This can be done through basic internet research and asking for references from previous patients. You can also use clinic comparison websites to give you a free, impartial and informed list of clinics located in your area.

What Is VASER Liposuction?

VASER liposuction or VASERLipo is a cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound performed under a local anaesthetic for removing pockets of stubborn fat that don’t respond to more traditional forms of weight loss. The parts of the body that don’t respond to a healthy diet and regular exercise include the buttocks, hips, back, knees, arms and thighs which all can be addressed using VASERLipo.

Watch Mr David Floyd, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, describe the surgical technique used for VASERLipo:


Video Transcript

"VASER Liposuction uses an ultrasound technique to dissolve the fat, and with that technique you place a tube within the fat with an ultrasound probe at the end, and that liquefies the fat using ultrasound signals and then you take that tube out and you put the second tube in and you suck the liquefied fat out. It’s a slightly different technology that is thought to be very good for the treatment of gynecomastia, it’s also potentially quite good for making skin laxity tighten up but it's very user dependent, and there’s a bit of a learning curve at getting very good at using it."

Mr David Floyd, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital


VASER liposuction was invented to try and address the negative sides of the traditional liposuction procedure which itself involves using a cannula to aggressively dislodge fat cells under the skin. This can be quite a traumatic procedure which can cause swelling and quite severe bruising to the area being treated. In addition, the procedure requires a general anaesthetic which carries its own risks as well as extending the recovery process.

Launched in 2002 and marketed as targeting fat reduction through “Liposelection”; VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) Lipo was made available in the UK cosmetic market in 2005 and is manufactured by Colorado based Sound Surgical Technologies.

VASER Liposuction Vs Traditional Liposuction

Traditional Liposuction VASER Liposuction
Treatable Areas Tummy, thighs, bottom, hips Knees, back, upper arms, chin
Anaesthetic General Local
Discharge Time Overnight stay Discharge same day
Recovery Period At least 7 days 1-2 days
Compression Garment 6-8 weeks 1 week

What Areas Of The Body Can VASER Liposuction Be Used To Treat?

VASER liposuction is minimally invasive when compared to traditional liposuction methods and this gives it the versatility to treat a number of different areas and to treat multiple areas in one session. VASER liposuction can be used anywhere that standard liposuction can be carried out; from the front of the stomach to the neck.

Areas of the front of the female body that can be treated using VASER liposuction.

Due to the way it melts away fat, VASER liposuction is much more effective than standard liposuction in fibrous areas of fat which include the back, the male chest and areas that are being treated with liposuction for the second time. Other popular areas for VASER treatment include; hips, waists, buttocks, thighs, arms, chins, face and calves.

Areas of the back of the female body that can be treated using VASER liposuction.

Because this procedure is significantly less likely to damage blood vessels, it is also well suited to areas that require a large volume of fat to be removed while keeping blood loss to a minimum. As VASER can also remove collagen, it is often used in parts of the body where there are large amounts of loose skin.

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Advantages Of VASER Liposuction

VASER has a number of advantages compared to standard liposuction techniques. Many surgeons report that they are able to produce better results with VASER as fat cells are removed in a more even manner and more focused contouring can be achieved. A much smaller cannula is also used to remove the fat cells which results in smaller incisions being made and less blood loss. In fact, on average, over seven times less blood is lost through VASER. This means patients benefit from less scarring and a much swifter recovery time.

Additionally, VASER liposuction generally does not require an anaesthetic which means that people who undergo the procedure are exposed to fewer risks. Finally, physicians using VASER report that their patients are less likely to require re-treatment and that greater skin retraction is achieved.

The VASER Liposuction Procedure

VASER liposuction allows surgeons to treat multiple areas in one visit

The procedure starts with the surgeon administering a saline solution to the target area which contains adrenaline, to reduce bleeding, as well as an anaesthetic to numb the area being treated. This ‘wets’ the fatty area loosening the tissue surrounding the fat cells ready for the ultrasonic stage of the procedure.

The second stage of the VASERLipo procedure involves using a specially crafted cannula with grooves on its side and tip. When inserted these grooves allow ultrasound to be emitted and delicately break up the surrounding fat cells leaving them liquefied and ready for extraction. Once liquefied this solution can be removed using massage and light suction meaning surrounding tissue is largely unaffected by this procedure.

The shape of this cannula allows the surgeon to gently sculpt areas of the body that would be too delicate to address with traditional liposuction (arms, chin and neck). By dispensing the ultrasound in this manner it also means that other vital nerves and blood vessels are not affected by the procedure making it safer and less traumatic than more traditional liposuction methods.

VASER Liposuction Results

The results that can be achieved with VASER liposuction are generally soft and natural looking. For those people who prefer a more sculpted athletic look, it is recommended that they try VASER Hi-Def which is a form of VASER which focuses on fat removal to enhance the visible muscles.

After VASER, most patients will be able to see immediate results but the full effect of the procedure usually takes a couple of months to become fully apparent. The exact results achieved will depend on the area of your body treated and how much fat you choose to have removed. However, many patients who have this surgery on their abdomen report losing several inches and one or two dress sizes. Your chosen surgeon will be able to provide you with before and after photos of previous patients to help you get a clearer idea of what is possible. Your surgeon will also discuss what can be expected in your case so you will be clear about what the results are likely to be.

It is perhaps wise to note that the results achieved will only last if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you put on weight following the procedure, the effects created by the surgeon will become undone.

What Happens After The Procedure?

Because VASER is carried out under local anaesthetic, most people return home the same day and can usually start participating in physical exercise well within a week. Typically, any bruising does subside within a fortnight, and if painkillers are required, paracetamol is usually sufficient. Your surgeon will require you to wear a compression garment and then attend a number of follow-up appointments to have your dressings checked, wounds monitored and often a manual massage to aid the body's lymphatic drainage process.

Potential Side Effects And Risks

Although VASER Liposuction does minimise some of the more aggressive side effects of the traditional liposuction treatment patients should expect swelling, discomfort and bruising for a couple of days. However, the time of recovery is still dramatically reduced in comparison to the traditional techniques. The patient can also possibly experience unevenness, skin discolouration, scarring and lumpiness around the treated area.

Patients should be expected to wear a compression garment for an estimated 2-5 weeks post procedure and will expect a certain amount of fluid drainage from the points of incision.

Risks of undergoing the treatment, as with any surgical procedure of this nature, could include developing haematomas, infections, nerve damage and even developing an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic.

It is recommended that VASERLipo should not be undertaken by people with a history of problematic healing or who are prone to keloid scarring.

VASER Liposuction Abroad

VASERLipo prices in the UK may be too high for some potential patients and this has caused many patients to seek treatment abroad. When one considers that VASERLipo prices in countries such as Turkey start from around £700 it is not surprising.

However potential patients must be vigilant regarding the choice of clinic and do thorough research into the clinics under consideration. They will need to factor in flight costs and accommodation but most medical tourists realise that even with the additional costs, VASER Liposuction abroad can save thousands of pounds.

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