How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

The cost of liposuction in the UK will depend on the type of liposuction performed, whether a local or general anaesthetic is used and the numbers of areas treated.

Liposuction surgery is generally performed under a general anaesthetic which requires the presence of a qualified anesthesiologist. Liposuction tends to be more expensive if it requires a general, rather than local, anaesthesia. Your doctor will advise you which type of anaesthetic you need, based on the treatment area, the surgical procedure and your overall health.

Procedure Price Range (GBP)
Traditional Liposuction £2,770-£6,000
VASER Liposuction £2,600-£6,000
Laser Liposuction £2,770-£6,000
SmartLipo £1,999-£6,000
CoolSculpting £2,770-£6,000
MicroLipo £2,300 for one area

What Types Of Liposuction Are Available

Mr David Floyd, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, talks us through the various liposuction treatments that are available:


Video Transcript

"There are many types of liposuction but they all achieve the same thing, which is removing fat cells from the body.

The traditional technique, traditional simple liposuction is carried out by making a small 3-millimeter cut in the skin, by passing a metal tube attached to a vacuum suction machine, and as you pass the tube backwards and forwards it sucks the fat cells out.

There is a tumescent technique used with this which means we inject a lot of fluid into the fat which plumps up the fluid and that makes it easier to extract the fat. That is simple basic traditional liposuction that has been used for the last 30 years.

In the last five to ten years several other techniques have evolved to be developed to try and improve the results and the outcome. This includes VASER Liposuction. VASER Liposuction uses an ultrasound technique to dissolve the fat. With that technique you place a tube within the fat with an ultrasound probe at the end and that liquefies the fat using ultrasound signals and then you take that tube out and you put the second tube in and you suck the liquefied fat out. It’s a slightly different technology that is thought to be a very good treatment for the treatment of gynecomastia, it’s also potentially quite good for making skin laxity tighten up, but its very user dependent and there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting very good at using it.

The option on the market at the moment is called Smart Liposuction. This is a technique that uses a laser to dissolve the fat cells, and just damage them so that the body then absorbs them. There is no suction involved, there’s a small tube which is passed through a small hole, and is passed backwards and forwards in the fat layer and the laser coming out of the end kills the fat cells which then disintegrate and get broken up by the body and absorbed by the body. There is no suction process involved, it can be done on local anaesthetic and it’s often the treatment of choice in lots of local cosmetic type clinics and beauty clinics will often offer this kind of treatment.

The other procedures I described such as VASER and Routine Liposuction require full general anaesthetic in most cases to do the liposuction."

Mr David Floyd, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital


What Affects The Cost Of Liposuction?

  • Qualification and Expertise of the Surgeon: A reputable surgeon who has consistently achieved exceptional results will often charge more than one with less experience. Their fees are set to reflect their years in practice and the number of procedures they have successfully carried out. It is not uncommon for newer surgeons, or those whose track records are less favourable, to offer discounts or free consultations to patients in order to attract more business.
  • Patient Profile: Liposuction fees tend to be higher for heavier patients since the area to work on is larger. Those who have gained then lost a significant amount of weight will generally need to pay more as this makes the procedure more difficult. Patients who have previously undergone liposuction upon the same section are also more complicated cases as the area will now contain some scar tissue, making it harder to work on and affecting the amount of fat they can remove safely.
  • Geographic Location: In towns and cities where rents and wages are higher, prices of surgical procedures will also be towards the upper end of the scale. The cost of your operation will factor in the clinic’s overheads and staff wages. For this reason, many are tempted by the significantly lower costs and ‘package deals’ available when having the surgery abroad. Before going for this option, it is crucial that you do your research and consider other potential expenses such as travel and the cost of putting things right should your treatment not match your expectations.
  • Anaesthesiologist Costs: While some smaller procedures can be carried out under local anaesthetic, the majority of liposuction treatments are performed under a general anaesthetic, requiring the services of an anaesthesiologist to administer it. Your costs will include their fees.

Liposuction On The NHS

liposuction is an elective procedure so it is not usually available on the NHS

If you believe that you are eligible for liposuction on the NHS, you should make an appointment with your GP and discuss your options. Be prepared that on the NHS there is likely to be a long wait and further analysis into your condition. Liposuction is normally a cosmetic procedure and is not usually available on the NHS, except where it’s deemed necessary to treat certain conditions.

You may be eligible for treatment if you are seen to suffer from intolerable psychological problems as a result of your body shape, and that you have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise. It is very rare for the NHS to grant liposuction for psychological reasons, and you will have to undergo a psychological assessment and monitoring for a long period of time.

Sufferers of physical conditions that can cause your body to gain abnormal amounts of fat and fluid in certain areas should talk to their GP about the possibility of removing the growth via liposuction. Examples of these include breast cancer, lipodystrophy, gynaecomastia, lipoedema and lymphoedema. If you do not qualify for liposuction on the NHS, you may consider having the procedure through a private cosmetic surgery clinic.

Benefits Of Liposuction

Liposuction, when not performed for medical reasons, is generally considered an aesthetic procedure, meaning it is performed to improve a person’s looks rather than having many health benefits. However, there are some potential benefits to having the procedure done, such as:

  • Removal of fat deposits that have proved resistant to dieting and exercise
  • Increased confidence in exercising as the patient is less embarrassed about their body
  • Potential reduction in blood triglycerides (fats) and inflammatory cells
  • Improved posture and mobility

At A Glance

Traditional Liposuction

Treatable Areas Tummy, thighs, bottom, hips
Anaesthetic General
Discharge Time Overnight stay
Recovery Period At least 7 days
Compression Garment 6-8 weeks
Cost £2,770 to £6,000

VASER Liposuction

Treatable Areas Tummy, thighs, bottom, hips
Anaesthetic Local
Discharge Time Same day
Recovery Period 1-2 days
Compression Garment 1 week
Cost £2,600-£6,000

Smart Liposuction

Treatable Areas Tummy, thighs, bottom, hips, back, arms, knees, calves, ankles, face and neck
Anaesthetic Local
Discharge Time Same day
Recovery Period 1-2 days
Compression Garment 2-4 weeks
Cost £1,600-£6,000

Laser Liposuction

Treatable Areas Back, upper arms, knees, cheeks, chin, neck
Anaesthetic Local
Discharge Time Same day
Recovery Period 1-2 days
Compression Garment 1-2 weeks
Cost £1,600-£6,000

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Finance For Liposuction

Most clinics give you the option of spreading out the costs liposuction monthly with many offering a 0% APR option, which means that you only repay the cost of the procedure without being charged any interest. However, some packages do charge interest when you do choose to pay for your liposuction in instalments. It is therefore very important to understand the financial packages offered by your surgery provider, as lower repayments over a longer period of time can actually result in you repaying more than the procedure would originally cost.

Buy Now Pay Later

Some clinics offer a financial package termed “buy now pay later”, where payments towards your liposuction procedure do not begin for a fixed period, normally one year. After this payment free period, you then either pay the amount owed in full or begin a monthly instalment payment plan. With “buy now pay later”, most providers will charge interest if you choose to begin a monthly payment plan rather than paying the full amount owed amount for your liposuction procedure.

Some examples of finance packages that are available include:

  • Transform

    Transform offer liposuction starting from £2,770 available through their 0% interest free credit finance offer (a minimum of £1,000 deposit is needed).

  • The Harley Medical Group

    The Harley Medical group offer liposuction starting from £3,110 with finance deals available with a typical 9.9% APR (a minimum of £500 deposit is needed).

  • Surgicare Medical Group

    The Surgicare Medical Group offer liposuction starting from £1,200 depending on the procedure for which a payment plan is available.

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