I-Lipo Laser Lipolysis

What Is I-Lipo?

I-Lipo is non invasive, needle free, with no pain involved

I-Lipo is a relatively new development in laser lipolysis. Introduced globally in 2007 it is used mainly for the loss of weight and body contouring or sculpting. A non invasive treatment with low risk infection, the process is based on changing the “permeability of the fat cell membranes”. During the process the triglycerides through the interstitial space are filtered through to the natural metabolic functions and once absorbed the fat cells are burnt off during exercise. The I-Lipo treatment is attractive as there is no pain involved, no bruising and needle free. Studies have confirmed that the results produced by I-Lipo are equivalent to liposuction for weight loss. Ultrasound imagery has revealed the there is a 30 per cent loss in the fat layer depth after I-Lipo treatment.

The Treatment

I-Lipo creates no damage to the skin and the nerves and can be applied to all skin types. During treatment all that is felt is a feeling of warmth. After a private consultation at an established clinic focusing on the target area of the body treatment can begin. In a private room setting the diode paddles are placed on the body area to be treated. The I-lipo equipment is switched on for a duration of ten minutes for the lipolysis to occur. The treatment is relatively quick and pain free and is followed by exercise on a “vibration plate", which speeds up the natural lymphatic system. The I-Lipo treatment is usually combined with exercise and a healthy diet to ensure the best results. The recommended treatment per body area is eight treatments taken twice weekly.

Treatable Areas For I-Lipo, Diet And Exercise, And Current Cost In The UK

The body areas covered by I-Lipo treatment are the calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and chin. There are less restrictions to perform I-Lipo treatment based on ones current medical situation. A medical questionnaire is completed before your first treatment to discuss your current state of health. A commitment to diet and exercise will influence long term results for this specific treatment. The typical cost for the treatment for eight sessions which is recommended is eight hundred pounds in the UK. I-Lipo is effective for treatable areas of the body where there is a build up of fat, which is hard to shed. Statistics are calculated on the body area to assess the overall weight loss. The I-Lipo treatment does not place any restriction on your lifestyle. You can resume work straight away as the side effects are few. Bleeding, bruising, soreness as a result of having the treatment is not common. Having been perfomed once it is possible to have a 'maintainance' session if you find the fat is building up again. However, the results from I-Lipo can be quite dramatic enhancing ones optimum body shape.

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Benefits & How To Get The Best Results

The treatment is quick, non-invasive, and completely painless, offering patients a fast recovery time with no downtime or adverse side effects. It only lasts 35-40 minutes and is suitable for both men and women.

It is a fast treatment, lasting just 35-40 minutes a session, and you should be able to drop at least one dress size after eight treatments. This weight loss can significantly increase one’s health, and provide individuals with higher self-esteem. Using the latest technology, I-Lipo is cost-effective compared to other laser survival fat-reduction treatments, and it was voted “best new slimming product” when it was launched in 2010.

In order to get the best results following your treatment, ensure that you are as hydrated as possible, and drink plenty of water and avoid On the day of the treatment itself, you should do some cardiovascular exercise to ensure all the fat is metabolised. Avoid eating heavy meals two hours prior to the treatment, and abstain from drinking tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, and alcohol two hours prior and after each treatment. Do not put lotions, creams or oils on the area about to be treated on the day, and ensure you eat healthy foods and avoid processed junk food.

I-Lipo In London

Specifically focusing on London the cost of the I-Lipo treatment at a private dermatology clinic is in the region of £125 per session. The area of the body to conduct treatment on can be assessed during the consultation which is usually free and an accurate price can be given. The staff at the prominent clinics are fully qualified and renowned in their field of work worldwide. They are often invited to speak globally at conferences on the subject. Most clinics have special offers running for which you will have to contact them directly to find out about. These offers are rarely advertised on the web. Special packages can be put together for I-Lipo starting at £600 for eight sessions and some of the London clinic staff have even appeared on television as an authority on the treatment. Dr Andrew Weber from Bodyvie Mediclinic can be seen performing the I-Lipo treatment on Channel 4's Supersize versus Superskinny 2009. Discount vouchers for treatment at a London clinic can be found on the web under the relevant searches and will reduce the cost of treatment when applied.

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