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Accent RF (Radio Frequency) Treatment Review

Accent RF Treatment

Accent RF treatment is a spot fat reduction system able to treat various different areas of the body including the face and neck, reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming skin that may have become loose with age. Accent RF uses radio frequencies to heat and destroy fatty tissue whilst leaving skin cells intact due to the constant cooling of the skin that is carried out during treatment. Although some patients are reported to have seen changes after one or two treatment sessions, it is normal for patients to receive between four and six treatments to achieve optimum results.

How does Accent RF Work?

Accent RF is performed as an outpatient procedure and usually takes no more than 45 minutes to complete. The Accent RF machine uses a special radio frequency wave emitting probe to heat up the skin, particularly the dermis, to 45 degrees. This temperature is held for a period of up to nine minutes per treatment area which breaks down fatty tissue. The dissolved fat is then disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system and expelled from the body by the liver. The heating process encourages the development of new collagen which helps to tighten the skin and restore vitality.

Accent RF Results

Accent RF should be considered as a body sculpturing treatment as opposed to a weight loss program. Accent RF results will be more satisfying if patients accepts that radio frequency can achieve the best results when working with areas requiring gentle reshaping by dissolving hard to shift fatty tissue rather than trying to shift large amounts of fat. The skin tightening results achieved by Accent RF can last as long as two years if the patient maintains a healthy weight.

Accent RF Treatment Prices

Accent RF prices in the UK vary depending on where in the country a clinic is located and the seniority of the surgeons and practitioners that perform the procedures. Accent RF treatment cost in the UK can start from around £150 for one treatment session covering an area such as around the eyes or the jaw line. The whole face can be treated for around £250 and Accent R while the buttocks, abdomen or the thigh area can cost around £200 for one area or £300 for two areas. You will find that most reputable clinics in the UK will offer price discounts for the treatment of multiple areas. It is important not to be tempted by cheap Accent RF prices more than the quality of treatment that will be received so take time to learn about the clinic, surgeon or practitioners under consideration.

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